Many people have helped get me this far, in particular I'd like to mention:
  • Dave Brooks' for his home-built computers web-ring which has always been and will continue to be a source of great inspiration and knowledge
  • 25Dec16 RaspiSteve for discussions, especially fro encouraginge me more towards diodes
  • 12Jan17 Yann Guidon for pointing out that my first memory cell design was fundamentally broken
  • 14Feb17 James Newman for his Megaprocessor and the time he spent in documenting how it works and exhibiting it
  • 14Feb17 Chris Monk at The Centre for Computing History for introdcuing me to the GCSE and A-level teaching requirements
  • 08Mar17 Bassam Omar and his Electronics class at Cambridge Regional College for great questions at my first presentation of ideas
  • 11Mar17 Hayley Stephen for the min-T naming idea
And many more - thanks very much to everyone.